Life on the Cube Farm

Old Mc MNC had an office
Ee Ya Ee Ya Yo!
And in this office he had an Accountant
Ee Ya Ee Ya Yo!
With a tap tap there,
And a think think here,
Balance sheet, P&L, monthly report everywhere
Old Mc MNC had an office
Ee Ya Ee Ya Yo!

For the millions of people who live/work/eat/sleep/play/love(?) in the realm of the cubicles, my story and rant will be a familiar one.

Life on the Cube Farm is boring. We live in a world of walls, fluorescent tubes, cheap coffee and malfunctioning printers. We live in a world of deadlines, spreadsheets and 1 hour lunch breaks. We live in a world where sunshine is seen only a few times a day, and where left over pizza is greedily fought over. A world where politics, intrigue, alliances seep into everyday life.

I’m kidding of course. Slightly.

Working in a cubicle farm is a sad reality of the modern corporate life. I have only been in one office where I was not relegated to a hole in a maze of gray and beige walls. Where your existence is acknowledged by a tag with your name on it (probably purchased from Staples). The hum, buzz, tapping are the only sounds that surround you, as are the muffled phone calls that echo from the walls.

My name is Ewok, and I work in the cube next to the HR office, on the second floor of my company’s headquarters. I sit in a cube that is 5’x9’ and work with a 17” Viewsonic monitor in front of me. Its glow no doubt reflecting from my now distance and blurry eyes. My neighbors work in Sales, HR, and I am at a busy junction in which a multitude of feet pass around me between 7am-6pm. Only on occasion do I get some visitors.

My name is Ewok, and this is my story.

To be continued…