My love/hate relationship with SoCal

Sun, beach, babes, hot cars and incredible weather. What guy wouldn’t want to find himself in the middle of all that?
Welcome to my world – the world of golden tans, bikinis, margaritas on the sand and of course, Porches and Ferrari’s.
California must be one of the most celebrated places in the world. This is after all, the home of Hollywood, Arnold, silicon boobs and traffic jams. Wait a minute… did he just say traffic jams? Yes sir, I did. Living in Southern Orange County has become both a pleasure as well as a curse. True, there’s nothing better for a guy than to be surrounded by beautiful scenery and sunshine, but all of that comes at some steep costs. Literally.
Southern California is probably one of the most expensive places you can ever hope to live in. Houses around where I live average in the $650k range, and this is for a piece of land with a house that looks just like the 2,500 others in your neighborhood, probably has little in the form of a meaningful backyard, and you are squished right up with your neighbors. I can understand the desire to live in a beautiful place like Southern California, but for $650k, you would be living like a king in 95% of the country.
Traffic is also atrocious. Driving from Southern Orange County towards LA is like marching along with boulders – you hardly get anywhere! For instance, when you happen to be unlucky enough to find yourself on the 5 or 405 freeway around rush hour, it would take a good 2 hours just to get to either LAX or downtown LA. I think I’ve wasted a good 50 plus hours of my life stuck in traffic in Southern California, and I’ve only been living in this state for a couple of months! Imagine the hoards of other people who have wasted days, weeks and months of their lives sitting in their cars, breathing in the fumes, listening to the same stupid radio stations (seriously, why do we have to listen to crap like ‘Jack FM’)? Hundreds of thousands of man-hours are wasted on a daily basis just to get from Point A to B.
But not all is bleak living in Southern California. The beaches are right there, the mountains just around the corner. There’s the diversity of people, of cultures. Things might be a bit superficial at times, but if you look beyond the nose jobs and fake boobs this place actually has quite a bit to offer. Indeed, there’s so much to love about Southern California that you almost are able to look past the huge cost of living here. There’s something that calms the inner frustration when you stare out into the blue Pacific along Highway 1, and there are of course the serious eye candy you sometimes get when you are on the beach or in the clubs. All that somehow calms the inner demons that are screaming ‘it’s not worth it!!! Run while you can!!!’
Heh… SoCal. Love it or leave it. So far it’s been a difficult choice. I for one have yet to start saving up for a house.
Till next time.

Your friendly SoCal reporter,