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Call of Duty Black Ops DLC coming Feb 1, 2011


The first Call of Duty Black Ops expansion pack has been officially slated for February 1, 2011 and will be available on XBox first. The expansion pack will include four new multiplayer maps and 1 Zombie map.


Wii 4.3U softmod using Lego Indiana Jones or Super Smash Brothers Brawl


My coworker told me that he was able to run some homebrew and various legacy game system emulators. If you search for “wii softmod” you’ll find a variety of links and guides. One hiccup that I faced was that I hadn’t updated my Wii in years so I had old firmware version 3.3. Upgrading my wii brought it up to 4.3U. Most of the guides that you will find out there are for Wii OS firmware 4.2.

The youtube video below is well-produced, easy to follow, and designed for Wii 4.3U firmware. Make sure to click over to the real youtube page to get the text instructions.

Wii Softmod 4.3U video

Call of Duty Black Ops Prestige Badges and Emblems

Which is your favorite prestige symbol in Black Ops?

cod black ops prestige
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Update: It looks like the other Call of Duty Black Ops Prestige Badges image that I found earlier (bottom) are really from the game. The Wikia page above has the best picture of the prestige badges that I have seen to date.

Call of Duty Black Ops just came out. I am not sure if the Prestige Badges for CoD Black Ops below are the real deal or not. If the forums and boards are correct, there are now 15 total prestige levels. Last year there were several fake prestige badge galleries so I presume that this year there will be even more fakes. I will confirm the veracity of these badges as people start earning prestige.

cod black ops prestige

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