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Hell's Kitchen - All Episodes

Fox has episodes of its Hell’s Kitchen reality series available online through the show’s MySpace pages. I haven’t seen this one myself because I think it’s a little over the top. This show is exactly like Bravo’s Top Chef although I don’t know which is better or which was first.

Creature Comforts - All Episodes

Creature Comforts is was briefly on CBS this Summer but apparently has been canceled. There are still a couple episodes available on the CBS video site, watch them before they disappear.

It’s not a big loss anyway. Since this is originally a British animation by the Wallace and Gromit guys, the original voices had British accents and sounded much, much better. I didn’t much care for the American-ized versions of the character voices. The British version is available on DVD

Creature Comforts – All EpisodesMiss an episode of Creature Comforts? Click here to watch online.

Store Link Price Creature Comforts-1 and 2 Season $35
Best Buy Creature Comforts: Seasons 1 & 2 [3 Discs] – Widescreen Box $45 Creature Comforts – The Complete First and Second Seasons $27

Bored? Play Orbox on Not Doppler

Orbox is another fun and addictive flash game. Try to hit the the target by running into the bricks. The purpose is to hit the bricks to stop from running off the screen.

Play Orbox on Not Doppler

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