My favorite foodstuffs at Costco

Besides getting gas there every week I go to Costco about once a month to pick up some bulk food. The Costco in South San Francisco that I go to has some pretty good food that maybe you haven’t noticed.

  • Oxtails for ~$3.99/lb awesome value
  • Ken-yan Chinese sausage 2-pack
  • Kirkland Lasagna 2-pack about $11
  • Tropicana Pure premium orange juice 4-pack
  • Spam or Spam Lite
  • Premium beer – Heineken especially
  • Flank steak in the meat area
  • Supreme combination pizza (once in a while)
  • The ribs they sell
  • the rotisserie chickens

San Francisco ZIP code map

I’ve been trying to figure out the ZIP codes in San Francisco for a while now but I kept getting a map of child abuse and neglect incidences. Finally I found a proper ZIP map.

Proper San Francisco ZIP map

Child abuse and neglect incidences by ZIP is an interesting one. Guess where the bad neighborhoods are.

wii is fun. beware wii injuries

I finally managed to buy a Nintendo Wii a week or 2 ago. It’s pretty cool.

The real story is the indirect Wii-related injuries. Being a particularly crappy day last Saturday I spent the morning and the better part of the afternoon playing some of the games — mostly boxing. I particularly like the heavy bag training mini-game. It’s the test where you punch different size heavy bags to make them explode; I got a gold metal on that one. That morning I also got to Pro level in boxing. Sadly, it took a long time because my reflexes are slow, especially for a 27 year old man in the prime of his life.

Anyway the next morning after my shamelessly long Wii session I went to Costco. While picking up a carton of orange juice (the Tropicana premium 4-pack) I pulled a muscle at my right shoulder blade and came up totally lame. The pain was pretty significant and I would have to say it is directly related to the amount of Wii I played the day before without stretching.

Monday at work I was messed up pretty bad because the pain was getting worse. To treat it I bought a large Bed Buddy heat pad ($24 at Walgreens) and found a bag of ice. The method is to alternate hot and cold at regular intervals: roughly 10-15 minutes. The next day, Tuesday, I was in decent enough shape to play some light real-world tennis (not Wii tennis). By Friday I expect to be back at 100%.

Probably the worst part of the story is I didn’t create a manly cover story to make me sound less pathetic. When a female co-worker asked me “What did you do to your shoulder” I told her I was playing too much video games. Hellz yeah.

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