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Call of Duty 4: Prestige 2 badge time

prestige level 2

OK so it’s chump time. I thought I was satisfied with prestige 1 so I stopped playing. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of shit at work because I stink at the game. Anytime we play a round of headquarters the team I’m on will get a big old doughnut. Perhaps a result of not playing it 2 hours every night. Also possibly a function of poor strategy and not respecting the kill/death ratio.

Now that I haven’t played CoD at home in at least a month it feels like time to dust off the PS3 and see if I can handle powering up in Prestige 2 zone. I’m sure I’ll totally stink but it’s time to work on pumping up the kill/death ratio. My typical k/d ratio in a game of headquarters was a pretty miserable 1:2.

The medal above is from a package of CoD 4 medals that downloaded from artistpavel.

Call of Duty 4: prestige level badge icons

Some artist named Pavel made a bunch of nice icons for the Call of Duty 4 prestige level badge medals. Unfortunately I can only claim prestige 2 badge.

UPDATE: See Call of Duty: Black Ops Prestige badges


Download from Pavel’s page – Call of Duty 4: Prestige Medal Icon Pack

CoD on Amazon

Call of Duty 4: Prestige 1, Level 51

Yesterday or a couple days ago I finally reached Prestige 1, Level 51 after about 3 days, 8 hours of total play. I am progressing slowly!

Mostly I think I’m having CoD fatigue. I have been getting slaughtered and to spice things up I’ve been trying Search & Destroy which I absolutely stink at. To get a boost I bought the map expansion pack during 2x points weekend. Unfortunately being unfamiliar with the maps I had several crappy outings. Chinatown is by far my worst map. The experience level of competing players in the expansion pack is much tougher. The proportion of P10 players is considerably higher than in the regular maps.

If I just play free-for-all I could rack up the kills for single weapons pretty quickly but the extra bonus points are fewer. So, the question is: do I go for the kills to progress the guns or do I go for the bonus points? I haven’t devised a solid strategy for this yet.

Like the badge? I downloaded it from a pack of CoD 4 prestige badges from artistpavel.

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