Driving techniques to improve Prius mileage


A few years ago in 2005 I hated driving behind hybrid drivers because they drove slow as cold molasses. At the time the Prius was still not but super popular but definitely gaining traction. Back then most of the hybrid owners were probably “hypermiler” fanatics like the forum members you will find at CleanMPG.com.

Hypermilers figure out driving methods to maximize fuel economy and, judging from their extensive use of acronyms, word economy. Much of their driving involves reaching a speed, coasting, and occasionally pushing the gas to stay within a velocity band (i.e. 30-40 MPH). They boast mind-boggling 105 miles per gallon (mpg) for their FE (fuel economy). They drive their Honda Civic Hybrids (HCH) or Priuses (or Prii) using methods like Pulse & Glide (P&G) or Warp Stealth to achieve their ends. What is the optimal utilization of your ICE (internal combustion engine)?

Well back in ’05 I suspect I was driving behind novice hypermilers because hybrid drivers basically sucked. Nowadays the layman such as myself is driving the Prius like a regular car so now there are more normal drivers than hypermilers. Thank goodness!

However, with a vocabulary including “Pulse & Glide” and “Warp Stealth” who doesn’t want to drive like a jerk? I know I’m going to try these methods on my way to work tomorrow.