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Listen to Lions games live on 97.1 The Ticket using your iPhone


I used to listen to Detroit Lions games using Radio.com, but for some unknown reason that method does not work for me. I found another way to listen to Lions games on Sundays. Especially useful since the Lions are 4-0 this season!

  • Download FStream for iPhone
  • Tap the “Favorites” menu item on the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap “Preset” on the upper right corner of the screen
  • Tap “iTunes” from the list.
  • Tap “Sports Radio” from the list
  • Add “97.1 The Ticket” to your favorites — Tap the “+” next to the name.
  • Tap the “Play” menu item on the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap the station name and you will be streaming the Lions game!

Words with Friends source dictionary


I’ve been playing a lot of “Words with Friends” for iPhone lately. My friend sent me a mystery score where his opponent used all 7 tiles to produce the word “Grinders” for 54 points but the score on the board should have only been 19. I found the Words with Friends Rulebook which reveals that you get 35 bonus points for using all of your tiles in a single turn. Interesting!

The Words with Friends rule book also reveals the source dictionary of valid words for the game. The game uses the Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon (ENABLE), a free public dictionary filled with many “words” that would never make it into Merriam-Webster. I found it interesting that NewToy (Zynga) also throws in words of their own to modernize the game’s lexicon.

Chicago Bears streaming radio on iPhone via WBBM 780 AM


Today I am listening to the Chicago Bears radio on my iPhone. Chicago is playing against the Carolina Panthers.

  • Get the CBS Radio app
  • Tap stations
  • Tap Chicago
  • Tap WBBM Newsradio 780
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