Moving Day

Whilst at lunch today, I was informed by friends in the office that there was to be a moving day in the office. The shifting of cubicles, of entire departments was said to be taking place in the coming weeks ahead. I was actually kind of excited. If you recall, I work in a cube 5’x9’ and sit in a less than ideal location, so moving was going to improve my office situation.

Or so I thought…

After lunch my friend forwarded me the proposed office plan. I was pissed off.
1 – I was sitting right outside my boss’ office, which isn’t such a bad thing since my boss was a cool guy.
2- My cube was the size of this newly hired PA who is supposedly going to sit right next to me. WTF.
3- My teammate’s cube looks like it is going to be twice as large as mine, and she’s on maternity leave till God knows when! And we both do the same job!

I’m a decently easy going person I guess, although I tend to get annoyed easily. This got me really annoyed. First of all, I work as an analyst. I’m not someone who runs around doing errands once in a while. I’m not an intern. I am an analyst that the company pays a decent amount of money for I must add. I already sit in a tiny a$$ little cube, whilst my teammate currently sits in one that is well, twice as large as mine! I’ve been sitting here waiting since September to change to a nicer cube. This got my blood boiling…

Such is life on the cube farm. Sometimes, it isn’t fair. Sometimes you get the short end of the stick. I just hope that I can get my voice out there and make the necessary changes. Maybe my boss will pitch in. In any case, I am not going to be stuck in that tiny cube, which looks like it’s even smaller than my current one. This is going to be an interesting saga.

More next time…