New Maps coming March 19th for Call of Duty world at war!

Update: Several Gameplay videos of the new levels including interviews with voiceover comments from the developers. Thanks to midgetman for the info.

The new map pack for Call of Duty: World at War has an official date: March 19. The publisher’s website has pictures and descriptions of all the new maps. Like I said before I don’t play much Nazi Zombie but the new map might get enough players in the online version to get me interested. Peleliu looks the most interesting to me because I generally like the outdoor maps more than the building-based maps. The don’t offer pricing information but I suspect the maps will be in the $10-$15 US Dollar range on the PS3 PlayStation store.

Four new maps:

Peleliu – an outdoor map reminiscent of Makin.


Station – an underground map that looks like Dome. Maybe it’s that huge pit at the border of Dome?

Nightfire – a night time village map that reminds me of Chinatown from the CoD4:MW expansion pack.

Verrukt – the Nazi Zombie map.

Nazi Zombie screenshot