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CBS Radio iPhone Application


The CBS Radio iPhone Application is one of my favorite iPhone apps. I like it because you get access to streaming radio of a few metro areas as well as access to AOL Radio and Yahoo (LaunchCast) Radio. For my radio presets I selected some my favorite Detroit radio stations like WOMC 104.3FM and WWJ 950AM. I also have a few San Francisco stations such as 1550AM Olides and KCBS 740AM.

The Yahoo! and AOL radio stations are nice because you can select some fairly specific musical genres such as 90’s rock , 80’s pop, and so forth. You are allowed to skip songs 6 times per station per hour which means you should almost always be able to find something worth listening.

To find CBS Radio through App Store on your iPhone, I would search for “CBS Radio”

Update — listen to NFL Football using CBS Radio! Listen to radio broadcasts for these NFL teams on your iphone.

Listen to Detroit Lions on your iphone
New England Patriots on your iphone

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