Ninja Gaiden Arcade game on MAME

Every year or so I get the urge to play the old Ninja Gaiden arcade game by Capcom using MAME. The problem is that “Ninja Gaiden” is not the original name of the arcade game! You will find ROMs for but that ZIP file lacks the sufficient binaries to run the game.

The reason is that “Ninja Gaiden” is a “clone” of “Shadow Warriors”

That means that in 1988 the game was localized for the US and released given the title “Ninja Gaiden.” The Japanese know the game as “Shadow Warriors”

Thus, if you’re looking to play some old school Ninja Gaiden 1988 Arcade action, look for the Shadow Warriors ROM ( and not the Ninja Gaiden ROM (

When you try to run you will notice that MAME cannot find several *.bin files because those *.bin files are actually contained within the file.