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Chevrolet Equinox 2010 Prices Paid Out the door


The Chevrolet Equinox 2010 is selling like gangbusters. We went to check to take it for a test drive but the salesperson didn’t have any. That’s unfortunate because, in that empty wasteland of a dealership they the salesperson said 4 or 5 people would come to see it but Chevrolet didn’t allocate any to the area.

(Update 7/19/2010)

For the most part people are still paying almost MSRP. Demand for Chevrolet Equinox remains high for relatively low (well-constrained?) supply.

2LT 4-cylinder with most of the bells and whistles: heated seats, trailer hitch, programmable lift gate. $29,540 near Dayton, OH

1LT $23,400 with backup camera, moon roof, power seats, vehicle interface.

(added 10/23)

NOX. 2LT, FWD, 4cyl, Cardinal Red, Jet Black Leather, Sunroof and Auto Liftgate
$26,338.00 in Missouri

(added 10/23)

T1 with the Vehicle Interface Package (i.e. Bluetooth and USB)
The Costco price of the car was $600 over the “invoice” —> $23,973 (including $745 Dest. fee).
$24,332 (before ridiculous CA sales tax), still $300 below MSRP
$26,582 including CA 9.25% sales tax

(added 10/23)

2010 Equinox on 7-27-09. LT1 trim, Gold Mist, fully loaded except for sun roof
Total came to $27,430.
Didn’t qualify for most discounts but did get the $500 for waiving the 60 days.
OTD was $24,223 after Trade-in.

Base model Equinox LS
Sticker $23,265 – $1,000 Rebate – $500 Wave 60 day return option – $856 haggle
+ $129 “service fee”
Total Before TTL = $21038

+ 5.6% sales tax = $1,262.13 (the $1,500 in rebates was not sales tax free)

New Title + License Plate Transfer from old vehicle $93

Out the door = $22,393.13

Source: Edmunds

Toyota Prius 2010 Prices Paid Out the door

Actual prices paid for the 2010 Toyota Prius. Found in various car buying forums, aggregated here for your viewing pleasure.

(8/15/2009) 2010 Prius III Blizzard Pearl with Navigation and Carpets for $25,000 (plus tax, Doc, and DMV fees), -$4,500 pre-tax Cash for Clunker and -$100 post-tax scrap value. The car’s MSRP is $25970 and invoice is $24,418.

Prius II, silver at Quality Toyota in Corona So Cal, MSRP $22750, floor mats $200, bluetooth $299, bumper protect..$69, total $23318, got $500 off for Costco member, price come down to $22818, minus $4500 clunker rebate plus 8.75% Tax $1607, Govt fee $358, Doc fee $55,

Out of door $20339

blizzard white package II for $22870 (plus ttl & $99 processing fee) from fitzgerald toyota in gaithersburg. added options are floormats ($200) and the bumper scratch protector thingy ($69).

Blizzard White with Package II for $22,650 not including TTL, but which included floormats. MSRP here is $22,000 + $750 (dest) + ($220 paint) + $200 (floormats) = $23,170.

2010 Prius Package II the day I called from Luther Toyota (Golden Valley) Minneapolis. The car cost (incl destination): $22,650. Tax, title and doc fee was extra.

Prius V with Nav on 6/29 from City Toyota in the Bay Area for $28,888. MSRP was $30,020.

Source: Edmunds

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