Prius after 13,000 miles


After about 9 months and 13,000 miles the gas mileage on my Prius is stabilizing at in 40 MPG to 45 MPG range. For the first 3-4 months I started out in the 38 MPG range but after a road trip to Yosemite the engine my lifetime MPG settled firmly at 45.7 for a month or so. I just reset the gauge 2 weeks ago so now I’ll see if I can get back to 45 MPG or if that boost was due to the camping trip. I drive mostly highway miles on the weekdays and then a few miles for grocery runs on the weekends.

No noticeable problems or aggravations have come up yet.

I had a quarter stuck in the hinge of the front cup holder that prevented the cup holder from opening. That was incredibly aggravating because I like to flip use that cup holder a lot. I managed to dig it out of the hinge with a butter knife after 30 minutes of wrestling with it. Never put quarters in the front cup holder (the one that flips forward).