Prius report 23,000 miles


My 2008 Prius just rolled over 23,000 miles today. I’ve had the car for over a year now (1 yr 1 month) and I haven’t had any serious problems yet although I do have a few quibbles.

First, the power button on my radio is semi-broken. Every once in a while I can’t turn the radio off from the center console because it must have a bad wiring connection somewhere. If you pound on the center console firmly the on/off button will work again. I definitely need to get this issue fixed before the car goes off warranty and the radio button breaks permanently.

On a positive note, pre-paid maintenance has been great. I take my care into the dealership, I give them a voucher, and then a few hours later I get the car back but I don’t have to pay a dime. I’m not fully convinced I saved any money. The Prius only requires oil changes for the first several thousand miles (I think 15,000?) but according to the invoices the average cost of an oil change at my dealership costs about $40 is about 20 minutes if you get there early.

Considering the cost of an oil change that seems way more than the invidial small services.

One bonehead move on my part: for my first oil change I had a gift voucher from the dealership to get my first oil (5,000) change free. I redeemed that thinking I could save the pre-paid maintenance vouchers for later. It turns out, however, that the mechanics read the pre-paid maintenance schedule checklist based on the number of vouchers redeemed in the system not the scheduled maintenance advised for all car drivers.

So, on my second visit to the dealership (10,000 miles) I gave them my first maintenance voucher which is supposed to be for 5,000 miles. So, according to the pre-paid maintenance reminders postcards that I get in the mail I am 5,000 miles late for all of my services. The reality is that I am on time with my service, I just screwed up the maintenance plan.