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Notorious BIG Playa Hata iPhone ringtone


“Playa Hata” by Notorious B.I.G.

Download (Right-click link, “save as…”)

Master Cylinder - Jung at Heart iphone Ringtone


“Jung at Heart” by Master Cylinder (Volkswagen commercial circa 1998)

Download (Right-click link, “save as…”)

iPhone ringtone: DJ Assault Ass n Titties


As mentioned earlier I cut up some of my music into ringtones. I cut 2 ringtones sampled from the classic club tune “Ass n Titties” which I believe was mixed by DJ Assault.

To download!! Right click the download link below and choose “save link as…” or similar sounding right-click action should work.

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Ass n Titties (download — right-click, “save as…”)

Broke-ass hoes (download — right-click, “save as…”)

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Simple disclaimer: the music is copyrighted material but I’m assuming a 6 second clip can be considered fair use. If you are the copyright holder and you do not want me to distribute this ringtone, please let me know and I will take it down.

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