Call of Duty 4: Prestige 2 badge time

prestige level 2

OK so it’s chump time. I thought I was satisfied with prestige 1 so I stopped playing. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of shit at work because I stink at the game. Anytime we play a round of headquarters the team I’m on will get a big old doughnut. Perhaps a result of not playing it 2 hours every night. Also possibly a function of poor strategy and not respecting the kill/death ratio.

Now that I haven’t played CoD at home in at least a month it feels like time to dust off the PS3 and see if I can handle powering up in Prestige 2 zone. I’m sure I’ll totally stink but it’s time to work on pumping up the kill/death ratio. My typical k/d ratio in a game of headquarters was a pretty miserable 1:2.

The medal above is from a package of CoD 4 medals that downloaded from artistpavel.