Great canceled shows of 2007

Both of my favorite new shows that came out in the 2007 television watching series were canceled. They were Andy Barker, P.I. on NBC and The Knights of Prosperity on ABC.

Andy Barker P.I. was an Andy Richter vehicle that was too funny to be on the air for long. When I found myself laughing out loud more than twice in a single episode I knew it was destined for failure. If you’re lucky, the 6 episodes that were made could still be available on the NBC website. If you like the Simpsons or Conan O’Brien you owe it to yourself to watch at least one episode of Andy Barker. Every episode has at least 2 solid laughs.

The Knights of Prosperity was another show destined for cancellation. I only saw the last 2 episodes on TV. Again, if you’re lucky check the list and hope it’s still available online. Donal Logue is a funny guy and, yes I admit it, I liked his other show “Grounded For Life”.

Andy Barker on NBC

Knights of Prosperity on ABC