The Indigo Girls Fan

Back in late-2002 when I first started grad school I had a habit of going out Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. As it happens I was on my way to a Thursday outing driving my brother’s tiny 1996 Honda Del Sol because he was living in Japan at the time.

As I was driving down a basically empty road in Ann Arbor I was approaching a traffic light in the right lane, pulling up next to an older pickup truck in the middle lane. As I was just getting close the nut job decides to take a right turn from the middle lane and cuts across me. Of course I slam the brakes but still send my brother’s car into the side of the pickup.

Obviously getting in an accident sucks but the funny thing was out steps a kind of trailer-ish short-haired stubby woman. She had country accent much like the Charlize Theron’s character in the movie “Monster”. She tells me she was trying to find the freeway after going to an Indigo Girls’ concert. It was funny because if there is a definition of butch lesbian she was it; the fact that she was coming from an Indigo girls concert? Golden. Icing on the cake.