Make your own iphone ringtones from your iTunes Music


I got sick and tired of hearing the same damn iPhone ringtones everyday at work so I decided to make my own iphone ringtones for free using GarageBand.

Following Apple’s instructions in the tutorial How to create custom ringtones in GarageBand I made a few new ringtones for my iPhone 3GS.

Keys to creating a good ringtone:

- Find a song that is loud enough to hear on the street or from a distance

- Pick a good 5-10 second loop from the songs, preferably something from a repetitive section of the song where the end of the loop easily transitions back into the beginning.

- Electronic music and Hip Hop make great ringtones because of the repetitive instrumentals and/or lyrics characteristic of the genres.

My example homemade ringtones (audio player will load for Safari/Chrome users):

Ass n Titties by DJ Assault

“Playa Hata” by Notorious B.I.G.

“Jung at Heart” by Master Cylinder (Volkswagen commercial circa 1998)