Office Favorites: Man has sex with dead deer

At work, one of our favorite “weird news” stories of all time involves a young man named Bryan James Hathaway of Wisconsin. Back in 2006 the story surfaced that Hathaway was being charged with bestiality because he had sex with a dead deer. Since the story is a few years old it is hard to find some of the finer points that make this story so entertaining. I am recounting these details from memory because it’s funnier in memory.

Hathaway was “caught” because he was biking on his way to a parole meeting for a previous crime in which he killed a horse with the intention to have sex with it but he chickened out and did not do the deed with the horse he killed. While on his way to parole he saw a dead deer on the side of the road, dragged the deer carcass away, and proceeded to have sex with it. After accomplishing his mission he continues his trip to the parole meeting. The parole officer notices that Hathaway is covered in deer fur and blood at which point Hathaway confesses to being disappointed in himself and that he had sex with the deer he found on the side of the road.

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