One more episode of Heroes left

I watched the first few episodes of Heroes this season then lost interest for a while because I could never catch it on TV on Monday nights. Ever since NBC started putting every episode of Heroes on the NBC website I’ve been able to keep up to some extent.

Yesterday’s May 14th episode was decent, especially with the return of George Takei. There are so many loose ends they need to wrap up and now there’s only one episode left I wonder where they’ll take the show. It looks like they writers are headed toward the cliffhanger ending to lead into next season.

I’m concerned about the longevity of Heroes. Even if the writers can extend the current story line into next fall I think the show will run out of steam and fizzle into oblivion relatively quickly, much like Alias did a couple years ago. Alias had a compelling story line the first season but then the protagonists brought down the syndicate and the show fell apart (and Jennifer Garner hooked up with Ben Affleck, a disaster in itself).

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