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Gheorghe Muresan was great!

Gheorghe Muresan was perhaps one of my favorite NBA players of the late 1990’s. He was 7’ 7” guy from Eastern Europe somewhere. I wish there were more highlights from his playing days. His Snickers commercial was also one of the most memorable candy commercials I’ve ever known.

Remember Shawn Bradley

Remember that guy Shawn Bradley? He was the 7’ 7” mormon basketball player that had a habit of being victimized by the highlight reels. I tried to watch games that featured Bradley as much as possible because there was a good chance something spectacular would happen while he was on the floor.

He played for the Dallas Mavericks and probably a couple other teams.

LaPhonso Ellis awesome block basketball

In honor of the NBA Playoffs I was thinking about some of the great plays that don’t get a lot of air time. One play that comes to mind is a block that LaPhonso Ellis had in 1994. I only found 1 YouTube video — top 10 blocks of 1994 — that does it justice. LaPhonso earns spot Number 1.

Laphonso Ellis Block

(Update 8/1/2010: The original video I had was removed from YouTube, here is a better video.)

(Update: Thanks to commenter Morgan — The season is 93-94 and the Nuggets were playing the Timberwolves. The player he blocked was 6’7” Brian Davis.)

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