call of duty 5

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Call of Duty World at War double points

It’s double points week from March 19, 2009 until March 25, 2009. Ends 10AM Pacific Time.

Double Points June 11 to June 16! Map Pack 2 released!

Which new World at war map do you like best?

For those who bought the new maps yesterday, which do you like best?

It’s double points week from March 19 until March 25! Time to level up people.

Call of Duty 5: New Maps coming in March


Update: the new call of duty maps will be coming March 19.

Oh boy. New maps for Call of Duty: World at War are coming in March. Will you get them? The specs are 3 new multiplayer maps and 1 new Nazi Zombie map. I’ve only played Nazi Zombies once during a double points weekend. It was cool but the lag time was terrible so I never went back. I wish they would go in and patch the maps to prevent glitchers from fucking up the game. Glitchers are the worst on Palace. Punks.

I wasn’t very satisfied with the CoD4 maps. I hated Chinatown and the Killhouse was not for online play. The other 2 maps are cool but not enough to justify $15.

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