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Finally! Prestige 1 in Call of Duty World at War


Goddam that took forever. 2 days, 2 hours to finish basic Call of Duty. Too bad that took 3 months. Other people play more consistently than I do but I’m sure they probably level up faster too.

Aside from playing headquarters, how do you go about getting extra points? My habit has to been to finish the 150 kills to get marksman III for a weapon and then move on to the next. For example I will get my 150 kills on the STG before moving onto using a MG44. I do not bother with sniper rifles because I know I am the worst with them. Of course I suppose different guns are better suited for different levels. For example I don’t have a chance on Dome unless I have some type of automatic weapon. The more bullets the better.

I don’t level up on Expert (headshot) performance until I’ve finished all Marksman challenges for non-sniper guns because I’m also poor at headshots. I only get maybe 1 or 2 headshots per game.

Just curious what other methods are out there. Maybe you finish Marksman I for all weapons then move onto Marksman II? Maybe you try to complete Marksman AND Expert challenges for a weapon? I’m just looking for new ideas to make Prestige 1 more interesting.

Call of Duty: World at War - What do you pick for your classes?

What weapons and classes do you use most?

My favorite kit:

STG44 with crosshair
Any pistol
Sticky grenades X 2
Stopping Power
steady aim
munitions training

Tell us your favorite class combinations.

Call of Duty: World at War - Where do you score the most points?

Some questions for you players out there. Leave your answers in the comments.

What map or game mode do you score the most points?

If I get a good start, the Hangar and Asylum can be gold mines for me. My best ever game was probably on Hangar. I really hate Roundhouse and the Palace one sucks because of the fucking glitchers under the map.

I probably score most consistently in Free-for-all because I get careless in Headquarters and Domination. Sometimes I might get 14 kills and 40 deaths which doesn’t earn you much experience. Also, with less people on the map I have more time to aim for head shots. That leads to more bonus points.

What map or game mode do you get your best kill-death ratio?

I usually do best on Team Deathmatch or Free-for-all. Most likely because I play it a little more cautiously and my kill-death ratio is a little better: usually almost 1:1. Maybe right around 9:10. In headquarters I can do OK but I get too much to get any rhythm. I would say my kill-death ratio is pretty nasty like 2:3 or worse.

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