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Which new World at war map do you like best?

For those who bought the new maps yesterday, which do you like best?

It’s double points week from March 19 until March 25! Time to level up people.

New Maps coming March 19th for Call of Duty world at war!

Update: Several Gameplay videos of the new levels including interviews with voiceover comments from the developers. Thanks to midgetman for the info.

The new map pack for Call of Duty: World at War has an official date: March 19. The publisher’s website has pictures and descriptions of all the new maps. Like I said before I don’t play much Nazi Zombie but the new map might get enough players in the online version to get me interested. Peleliu looks the most interesting to me because I generally like the outdoor maps more than the building-based maps. The don’t offer pricing information but I suspect the maps will be in the $10-$15 US Dollar range on the PS3 PlayStation store.

Four new maps:

Peleliu – an outdoor map reminiscent of Makin.


Station – an underground map that looks like Dome. Maybe it’s that huge pit at the border of Dome?

Nightfire – a night time village map that reminds me of Chinatown from the CoD4:MW expansion pack.

Verrukt – the Nazi Zombie map.

Nazi Zombie screenshot

New Makin Day map in Call of Duty 5: Waw


A new Day version of the Makin map came with the latest game update for Call of Duty: World at War.

I kind of like it. The Makin Night map was always kind of fun because you couldn’t see shit but it also could be a very frustrating experience in poor ambient lighting conditions. For example if your screen gets washed out in daylight like mine does you can’t see shadows well at all. That makes for a high-death experience.

Other sweet stuff happened in the update:

in-game statistics! Finally you can see the number of headshots, your archrival, and your K/D spread. This has been sorely lacking since the game was released and I always loved the stat-keeping in Halo 3. It would be extra cool for more info about grenade kills, knife kills and so forth.

Developers report that they fixed the holes in the maps that will prevent glitchers! Those punk kids in the Castle and Roundhouse no longer can hide behind the clipping barriers below a map. It wasn’t clear if they fixed the issues for airborne “elevator” glitches.

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