Games of nonchalance, San Francisco


Games of Nonchalance in San Francisco is a (free) real-life adventure in the streets of San Francisco. Judging from the trailer you get to explore San Francisco finding clues uncovering clues to a mysterious cult society. This staged city-adventure is very similar to the interactive Spy in the City adventures available from the International Spy Museum in Washington DC with the added bonus that it is free.

The Spy Museum’s city adventure is slightly different, however, because they provide you a GPS unit and some of the puzzle solving occurs in museums.

Games of Nonchalance from Nonchalance on Vimeo.

Multiplayer preview for Call of Duty Black Ops

IGN does a nice breakdown of an in-game video for Call of Duty: Black Ops due November 2010. The coolest things are the radio-controlled gun robots and the guided missile weaponry. I thought Black Ops was supposed to be set in Vietnam but I’m pretty sure nobody had machine guns mounted on radio-controlled cars with remote cameras. Maybe I’m wrong.

Calvin and Hobbes Search Engine

Find Calvin and Hobbes strips using search terms like “spaceman spiff” or “snowman” using the Calvin and Hobbes Search Engine by bing (Michael “Bing” Yingling)

Hacker news revealed to me this web gem

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