Listen to Michigan football games online at


Last season I had some tips to listen to Michigan Football on your iPhone. I think the same will hold true this year. Grand Rapids WOOD 1300 AM on iHeart radio is the way to go.

This season, has substantially upgraded their media player integration and capabilities. Now you can listen to the game broadcasts in a Flash player and view the live stats courtesy of CBS Sports GameTracker.

Michelin Energy Saver Tires boost my fuel economy 4 percent


I mentioned before that I bought some new Michelin Energy Saver All-Season tires for my Toyota Prius. The advertising materials from Michelin claim that using the tires will achieve up to an 8% increase in fuel economy.

Anecdotally I have been able to achieve about a 47 MPG average for combined mileage, approximately a 2-4% improvement versus my previous average with the original tires. Having driven about 1 month (1,500 miles?) on the tires this modest improvement in my Prius mileage doesn’t save a ton of money but I am impressed that the tires really have made a difference in the car’s fuel economy.

The Joy of a Salesman

This is a funny movie I was shown at work today. The dialogue is hilarious and the technology is interesting. You can type a bunch of stuff into the website and it spits out a computer-acted dialogue in classic computer-voice.

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