interesting junk food places i saw on TV

Squeeze Inn is an interesting restaurant in Sacramento that serves up burgers that have a big skirt of melted fried cheese that’s bigger than the circumference of the hamburger and bun. I saw it on Food Network show “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.”

Buddy’s Pizza is a regular pizza favorite of mine in the Detroit Metro area. It was featured on Food Network in the show “Top 5”. Buddy’s features thick deep-dish pizzas. The antipasto salad is good and the minestrone is super thick — almost clam chowder thick.

A great pizza alternative to Buddy’s is The Alibi a family owned restaurant in Troy, MI. The pizza, salad, and breadsticks there kick mega ass. The Alibi has normal style pizzas but I think what sets them apart is the sweet yeasty crust and the premium toppings.

Zachary’s Chicago Pizza is a Berkeley, CA that’s on TV a lot, especially “Bay Area Backroads.”

The Waysider in Tuscaloosa, AL is a breakfast staple of the U. Alabama Crimson Tide. Although breakfast wouldn’t really be considered “junk food” you can get some seriously awesome mini biscuits that I can pretty much bet have your week’s quota of lard and/or butter built into them. Yes they’re that good.

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My favorite foodstuffs at Costco

Besides getting gas there every week I go to Costco about once a month to pick up some bulk food. The Costco in South San Francisco that I go to has some pretty good food that maybe you haven’t noticed.

  • Oxtails for ~$3.99/lb awesome value
  • Ken-yan Chinese sausage 2-pack
  • Kirkland Lasagna 2-pack about $11
  • Tropicana Pure premium orange juice 4-pack
  • Spam or Spam Lite
  • Premium beer – Heineken especially
  • Flank steak in the meat area
  • Supreme combination pizza (once in a while)
  • The ribs they sell
  • the rotisserie chickens

San Francisco ZIP code map

I’ve been trying to figure out the ZIP codes in San Francisco for a while now but I kept getting a map of child abuse and neglect incidences. Finally I found a proper ZIP map.

Proper San Francisco ZIP map

Child abuse and neglect incidences by ZIP is an interesting one. Guess where the bad neighborhoods are.

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