Cat with Bow Golf

Ewok pointed me to this game that is super addictive and probably one of the more interesting games that I’ve seen.

Basically you control a cat that has a bow and arrow. There is a target on the other side of the screen. You aim your bow in the arrow (like Scorched earth) and adjust the power with your mouse. When you shoot, the arrow flies in the air and the cat flies in the air trailing the arrow’s path in the arrow via a string.

To score you try to hit the arrow to a target.

Cat with Bow Golf

MerchantCircle Highlights May 17

You don’t have to get a desk job if you don’t want one. There are plenty of examples of people running interesting businesses doing things other than sitting at a desk answering phones or staring at a computer. MerchantCircle has thousands of these.

Apparently pleasure parties and re-igniting fires is a major business.

One more episode of Heroes left

I watched the first few episodes of Heroes this season then lost interest for a while because I could never catch it on TV on Monday nights. Ever since NBC started putting every episode of Heroes on the NBC website I’ve been able to keep up to some extent.

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