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Prius first service: 5,000 miles


I took my Prius in to City Toyota in Daly City for its first 5,000 mile service interval today. When I bought the car they gave me a coupon for a free first service. I even got a free bagel and coffee. Total cost to me: $0.

Kudos to City Toyota! It couldn’t have been simpler. I made an appointment, dropped the car of at 9AM, and had the car back to me by 10AM. I don’t think I have ever gotten my car back from a dealership service center that fast before. Usually any service beyond the most basic oil change at an oil-only Jiffy Lube takes most of the day. Now I’m suspicious about why service takes so long at other places like Midas or Daly City Tire Center down the street from me.

City Toyota has a comfortable waiting area and free wi-fi. If future services only take one hour, I will bring my computer with me next time. I just wish I could have gotten a free car wash. My Prius is getting pretty scummy outside.

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Received Toyota pre-paid maintenance vouchers


Ah, glorious sweetness. I received my pre-paid maintenance vouchers from Toyota yesterday (Saturday) from Toyota of Greenfield. As promised the package includes 12 vouchers for service at 5,000 mile intervals at a participating Toyota dealer.

It is not clear how they will differentiate the different levels of service (minor, intermeidate, or major). The Toyota finance guy at my dealer said that they would cover the each level throughout the first few years of service. I suppose they get the vouchers and look at the odometer.

I suppose the next update on this will be when I take the damn thing in for service at 5,000 miles. I’m right around 2,000 already i think.

Driving techniques to improve Prius mileage


A few years ago in 2005 I hated driving behind hybrid drivers because they drove slow as cold molasses. At the time the Prius was still not but super popular but definitely gaining traction. Back then most of the hybrid owners were probably “hypermiler” fanatics like the forum members you will find at

Hypermilers figure out driving methods to maximize fuel economy and, judging from their extensive use of acronyms, word economy. Much of their driving involves reaching a speed, coasting, and occasionally pushing the gas to stay within a velocity band (i.e. 30-40 MPH). They boast mind-boggling 105 miles per gallon (mpg) for their FE (fuel economy). They drive their Honda Civic Hybrids (HCH) or Priuses (or Prii) using methods like Pulse & Glide (P&G) or Warp Stealth to achieve their ends. What is the optimal utilization of your ICE (internal combustion engine)?

Well back in ’05 I suspect I was driving behind novice hypermilers because hybrid drivers basically sucked. Nowadays the layman such as myself is driving the Prius like a regular car so now there are more normal drivers than hypermilers. Thank goodness!

However, with a vocabulary including “Pulse & Glide” and “Warp Stealth” who doesn’t want to drive like a jerk? I know I’m going to try these methods on my way to work tomorrow.

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