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Cee-Lo Green - Fuck You

The video for the new Cee-Lo song “Fuck You.” Great song.

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Off the Grid San Francisco food carts


Food carts are all the rage these days. There is even a television show that chronicles them that will be starting in September 2010.

Since food carts/trucks are mobile they may be difficult to find. Off the Grid has been gathering many of the most popular San Francisco food trucks together on Friday evenings in the Fort Mason parking lot.

This gathering is the brainchild of the SF Cart Project, a group that has a convenient map of Bay Area food carts.

If you go, bring cash and be prepared to wait in long lines while still risking the chance that the carts will sell out of food. I’ll be blunt. The food is decent and cheap but not good enough to justify waiting 20-30 minutes for any of it.

Renegade Craft Fair


I went to the Renegade Craft Fair back at the beginning of August. It’s pretty cool and full of Etsy fans. Lots of art, posters, trinkets, and general decorative items. I bought a funky looking print from Drew Morrison for $20 that I have hanging on the mantle.

In addition to interesting artwork there a lot of nice looking ladies to look at as well.

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