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Actual price for Scion xB


Before I bought the Prius I test drove a Scion xB. Scion uses no-haggle pricing. I got quotes for a bare-bones no add-ons vehicles at a few dealers. The were all consistent at around $19,200. Give or take a $100 dollars because I lost my note sheet.

However, the internet guy at Sunnyvale Toyota asked me if I had a color preference. I said “anything but white.” To counter my hatred of white cars, he offered to sell me a white Scion xB for $300 off because he was overstocked on white Scion xB’s. That would have been ~$18,900.

Therefore, if you aren’t picky about color and you think a dealership may have too many of an unpopular colored car (white), you may be able to get a discount.

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