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Essential Ann Arbor

If you stop by Ann Arbor, MI you should know a few good places to get a drink, to eat, or to generally sit around. Check some of these businesses out on MerchantCircle and leave them a review.

Dominick’s. Dominick’s is the best place to get a drink in the summer. It has the best place to get drunk and talk with good friends. Sit out on balcony, on the front patio, or in the back garden. I prefer the front patio. They have good local beers but at least get a pitcher of sangria — it’s good and powerful stuff but expensive at $22 for half gallon. If you like sweeter stuff try the “constant buzz” it’s a frozen slushy type thing that’s extraordinarily strong. The place closes at 10PM sharp, but the ambiance gets annoying at about 9:30PM because the staff continually announces that they will close for the night.

The Brown Jug. The Jug is a good place to get a pitcher of beer and pizza. There isn’t anything special about the ambiance but I like this place.

Good Time Charley’s Charley’s isn’t the best place environment but it has good strong drinks. Go there, get wasted, then head off to the various parties or dancing places. Long Islands are usually cheap after 11PM if I remember correctly.

Conor O’Neill’s Irish Pub. Conor’s is a good Irish pub closer to downtown AA.

Old Town. Old Town is a nice place downtown that doesn’t get too loud and the service is friendly. It does not have the loud crazy college-bar atmosphere.

Fleetwood Diner. Fleetwood is downtown near all the bars and it’s open 24 hours so you can go there after a night of drinking. Get the hippie hash, it is awesome.

Northside Grill is a few blocks from the U-M hospital. The breakfast there is good. If you like hot sauce, make sure to try some of the Clancy’s Fancy hot sauce that is on the table.

Angelo’s is the premier breakfast place but it’s often crowded and quite pricey — That’s why I go to Northside all the time. I think it’s only open in until 2PM. Angelo’s is across the street from the UM hospital.

Zingerman’s Roadhouse is the restaurant arm of the famous Zingerman’s Deli. They serve up some awesome southern style food. The roadhouse and the deli serve slightly different foods. The deli specializes in big sandwiches — especially pastrami. The sandwiches can be pretty expensive in the $8-13 range. The roadhouse is out near Jackson road area. The deli is in Kerrytown.

Mr Spot’s is next to Pizza Bob’s. Get the buffalo wings at Spot’s, try the subs at Pizza Bob’s. They are located south of central campus and open late.

The Real Seafood Company is a decent place downtown suitable for semi-formal dining. Not bad, not fantastic.

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Cat with Bow Golf

Ewok pointed me to this game that is super addictive and probably one of the more interesting games that I’ve seen.

Basically you control a cat that has a bow and arrow. There is a target on the other side of the screen. You aim your bow in the arrow (like Scorched earth) and adjust the power with your mouse. When you shoot, the arrow flies in the air and the cat flies in the air trailing the arrow’s path in the arrow via a string.

To score you try to hit the arrow to a target.

Cat with Bow Golf

MerchantCircle Highlights May 17

You don’t have to get a desk job if you don’t want one. There are plenty of examples of people running interesting businesses doing things other than sitting at a desk answering phones or staring at a computer. MerchantCircle has thousands of these.

Apparently pleasure parties and re-igniting fires is a major business.

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