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I’ve been planning a vacation to Los Cabos, Mexico with some buddies. Being a forgetful and lazy bum I keep forgetting to go to a travel agent. Thus, with the help of the internet I’ve been trying to do some research about Los Cabos. These are my brief notes after searching around a little. I need to get a guide book from the bookstore by Frommer’s or Lonely Planet or whomever else makes Cabo guidebooks.


Los Cabos has a number of towns. The major ones are Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. According to my brief research Cabo San Lucas is the party spot. San Jose del Cabo is the laid-back honeymoon type spot. Being three single men under 30 I think we’re going to Cabo San Lucas.

The closest airport is SJD airport. It’s a 2-3 hour flight from SFO to SJD.

Not all beaches are suitable for swimming. Medano beach is the main swimming beach.

Los Cabos 2BR hotels

For the sake of awesomeness and convenience I’ve been searching for 2-bedroom hotel suites in the Cabo San Lucas area. Preliminary research reveals that some hotels have an “extra person surcharge” for parties over 2 people. I find this a bit odd because a 2 bedroom hotel room is meant for 4 people. If I were to get 2 separate rooms, I would probably avoid the extra person surcharge.

Promising 2BR finds for 3 people, 7 night prices. Surcharges are per person per night. SJD = San Jose del Cabo. CSL = Cabo San Lucas

City Hotel surcharge 7 nt cost
CSL Marina sol Resort +20 $1,586
CSL Villa del Arco 0 $2,565
CSL Villa del Palmar +47 $3,100
CSL Hotel Vistazul Suites 0 $1,973
SJD Grand Baja all suite +94 $2,662
SJD Suites las Palmas 0 $1,420
hotel beds medano beach downtown kitchen bathrooms price location source
hotel finisterra 2 far 3 close 1 no 1 west marina
marina fiesta 3 medium 1 close 1 yes 1 1212 east marina
pueblo bonito blanco 3 direct 0 close 1 yes 1 2105 east medano
pueblo bonito pacifca xxx far 3 xxx yes xxx too much xxx
pueblo bonito rose 2 direct 0 medium 2 yes 1 1815 east medano
pueblo bonito sunset beach xxx far 3 xxx yes xxx too much xxx
solmar suites 3 far 3 far 3 yes 1 1533 cape
villa del palmar 2 direct 0 medium 2 yes 2 2000 east medano
villa la estancia xxx direct 0 far 3 no 1 too much xxx
villa del arco 4 direct 0 medium 2 yes 3 2530 east medano
marina sol resort 3 medium 1 close 1 yes 2 1587 east marina expedia
seven crown 3 far 3 medium 2 no 2 1121 east downtown expedia
hotel vistazul 3 far 3 far 3 no 1 2144 east downtown expedia


I use the typical sites for searching on travel. Not all sites are created equal with regard to Cabo because of map details, room descriptions, and so forth. — good room info and in some cases they have deeper discounts. They also have a broader selection of hotels. The maps they have for Cabo San Lucas completely suck ass because it looks like Cabo is in the middle of the ocean — pinpoints are in the blue water area. Their method for “favorite hotels” completely sucks.

Orbitz — good room info and best maps of the bunch. Limited Cabo San Lucas hotel selection.

Expedia — good room info and nice way to save and label itineraries. Some rates on Expedia trended higher than others. Links only open through JavaScript which sucks because you can’t open pages in new tabs/windows. Map for hotel rooms is beter than but not as good as Orbitz because it lacks city streets (only freeway).

Travelocity — no maps at all? Odd. Good pictures. Low selection. High prices.

Bored at work? Play Nodes

Ewok pointed me to this flash puzzle game where you try to pass lines through points in space by manipulating vertexes. Pretty neat.

Play Nodes

interesting junk food places i saw on TV

Squeeze Inn is an interesting restaurant in Sacramento that serves up burgers that have a big skirt of melted fried cheese that’s bigger than the circumference of the hamburger and bun. I saw it on Food Network show “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.”

Buddy’s Pizza is a regular pizza favorite of mine in the Detroit Metro area. It was featured on Food Network in the show “Top 5”. Buddy’s features thick deep-dish pizzas. The antipasto salad is good and the minestrone is super thick — almost clam chowder thick.

A great pizza alternative to Buddy’s is The Alibi a family owned restaurant in Troy, MI. The pizza, salad, and breadsticks there kick mega ass. The Alibi has normal style pizzas but I think what sets them apart is the sweet yeasty crust and the premium toppings.

Zachary’s Chicago Pizza is a Berkeley, CA that’s on TV a lot, especially “Bay Area Backroads.”

The Waysider in Tuscaloosa, AL is a breakfast staple of the U. Alabama Crimson Tide. Although breakfast wouldn’t really be considered “junk food” you can get some seriously awesome mini biscuits that I can pretty much bet have your week’s quota of lard and/or butter built into them. Yes they’re that good.

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