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Obama Girl vs. Hillary Girl

A few weeks ago we saw the latest in viral video hits at work — the Obama girl. Wow, hot! Then I while flipping through CNN I see there’s a few response videos most notably the Hillary Girl. Wow, hot also! I’m not decided on which girl is hotter but go ahead and watch these videos side-by-side to decide which one you like better.

Just now I’m thinking to myself, wow, CNN informed me about something on the Internet. This proves how out-of-touch with culture I really am.

Obama Girl

Hillary Girl

big two, pusoy dos, da lao er, whatever! it's addictive

At work we’ve been hooked on this card game we know as “pusoy dos”, the filipino/tagalog version of a poker-like card game that Wikipedia calls Big Two or Deuces or Thirteen. Pusoy dos is a lot like Othello — Minutes to learn; a lifetime to master!

The game is a mixture of poker with “war”-like elements. Each player gets 13 cards and you play poker-like hands. The object of the game is to get rid of your cards first. It’s a great 4-player card game that only takes maybe 5 minutes to play. If you and your friends are bored, this could be a good drinking game with lower stakes and more definitive opportunities for drinking than poker. For us, last place finish means you have to drink — although that’s just in theory, we don’t actually drink that much at work unless it’s a Friday afternoon. That’s when we break out the Jack.

Order of power (best to worst) — diamonds, hearts, spades, clubs

Learn to play [via wikipedia] or in detail

Self-admitted Tiger Woods Addict

I’ve long been a fan of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series of EA Sports games. This year I bought the PSP and Wii versions. The PSP version is great because it soaks up a lot of time on long flights. The Wii version unfortunately is not so great. The stroke mechanism is clumsy at best and it lacks many of features found on the more polished PSP and PS2 versions.

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